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Product Name: PRO

Product Category: Industrial Measurement

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Product Details

PRO Transducer for Electrical Quantities

1、Product Description

Pro Series Transducers for Electrical Quantities, fundamental devices for process automation. All our instruments fulfill all important requirements and regulations concerning electromagnetic compatibility and safe isolation (IEC688-1992 standard and GB/T 13850-1998 standard). The devices have been developed, manufactured and tested in accordance with Quality Assurance System ISO 9001.

2、Main Feature

3、Designed and tested to meet requirements of IEC 668

4、High load capacity

5、High reliability

6、DIN rail mounting


7、Technical Specification

Accuracy: Class0.20.5   

Auxiliary Power Supply: 85V~265VDC/AC 24V~80VDC/AC 

Stability: Annual Change Rate ±0.2%

Input Overload Capacity:                    

Continuous Overload Capacity 1.5X

Transient Overload Capacity  Voltage Limit3X  Current Limit30X 


Constant Voltage Output, Load Resistor    Rext250Ω

Constant Current Output, Load Resistor    Rext500Ω

Alternating Wave: 18mV(Peak-Peak) 

Response Time: 300ms

Striking Voltage: 2.5kV

Operating Temperature: -10~+55

Storage Temperature: -40~+85

Relative Humidity of Annual Mean: 90%RH

Installation: DIN 35mm Rail


Guaranty Period: 2 years

8、Technical Data

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